This book was amazing in so many ways that it’s difficult to put all my thoughts in order on what made this book such a good and memorable read.

Such a Fun Age follows the lives of two women: Alix Chamberlain and Emira Tucker. Alix is a blogger turned girl power brand entrepreneur and is the mother to two young daughters. While she adjusts to life in Philadelphia and tries to make her online audience continue to believe she’s still a New Yorker. She hires Emira Tucker to babysit her oldest daughter and is shocked to find that one night when Emira brings Briar to a grocery store and that Emira is accused of kidnapping her daughter. The whole event is filmed by a bystander and both they and Alix want justice in different ways but Emira just wants to forget the whole thing ever happened. But the video resurfaces in a surprising way that ends up changing the courses of Alix and Emira’s lives in ways they never expected. Continue reading

I am so excited to get to share this information with you…


I have these bows that I wear sometimes for fun. They give off a kind of 50s style when you wear them, like you could be an old school cleaner or Rosie the Riveter, it’s a cute aesthetic that I love and I definitely don’t wear my bows as much as I should considering how much I love them, but alas growing confident in your fashion decisions is a long process. But I did wear one of my bows last Friday, a white one that has the pattern of a black cat and green fern leaves on it, my favourite of the two if I’m being honest. I had my hair done up in a simple braid and put the bow as a way to kind of jazz up my dull hairdo I guess. I wore my orange lipstick to accent the bow (another fashion trend that I’m slowly growing confident in) and was happy with how I looked for the day (which is another rare occurrence). Continue reading

“A woods can be a miracle of light and shadow. A woods can be a place to dream,” (Hunt 5).

If you know anything about me then you know that 1) I love fairy tales, especially if they’re dark and 2) I love books about evil/complicated women. In the House in the Dark of the Woods has all of these things and more so naturally this book was a win for me! Continue reading

Little Women is a timeless classic and you probably know what it’s about but I’m going to give a small summary just because I can. The novel follows the March sisters (Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy) as they live and grow and adapt to life with their father away fighting in the Civil War. Their mother works and the sisters must learn and help and support one another in their own ways in fun, heartache, and challenges that only sisters can face and overcome. Continue reading

Yesterday was a busy week, and no this isn’t another “What’s Going On?” post. I never do two of those repeatedly, I’m more so saying that so you know why I didn’t write a post last week. It wasn’t that last week was any busier than any other week, but it just felt that way. Does that make sense? Probably not, but I’m not beating myself over missing posts anymore. As long as I’m writing and at least posting on here regularly that’s the important thing!

Which brings me to this week’s blog post! Continue reading

By now dear readers you know what a “What’s Going On?” post details but for any newcomers, or if you just need a refresher, I’ll explain what it means. Basically, I couldn’t think of a topic to write about so instead of stressing myself out I’ve decided to write about what I did last week. Exciting huh? Sometimes it is, last week I’m not so sure. Let’s get writing and see what happens! Continue reading

My sister and I were talking recently about hobbies, and how she had read that a lot of millennials don’t have hobbies anymore because they are so focused on their career and likewise that millennials with artistic careers turn their hobbies into work. Arguably doing what you love is a dream job, my goal of being an author will be wonderful one day, but it doesn’t change the fact that then writing, which is a hobby, would be a job if it isn’t already. Most artists I know treat their hobbies like jobs which of course begs the question, if what you love to do is your job then what else do you like to do? Continue reading

“Maybe it’s because everything is spookier at night. It’s why people are afraid of the dark. What you can’t see is always scarier than what you can” (Schwab 19).

I don’t think there’s anything Victoria Schwab can’t do. Adult? Check. Young Adult? Check. Children’s Middle Grade? Double check because Schwab is keeping things ironically alive with Cassidy Blake!

In the second book of the series Cassidy travels with her parents and best ghost friend Jacob to Paris, one of the most beautiful and haunted cities in the world. But after filming in the catacombs a ghost attaches itself to Cassidy and causes chaos and danger to her, her parents, and possibly all of Paris. Will Cassidy and Jacob be able to send the spirit off? Continue reading

I usually write something for New Year’s, whether it’s a resolution to make a blog (no virtual dust here, everything’s clean and tidy…ish) or a review of my year, I come up with something. I considered writing another review for 2019 but didn’t want to repeat myself, and then I thought about resolutions but those can be daunting. And the end of 2019, while very much like every New Year’s Eve is different in that it marks the end of a decade.

It’s not like this is a new thing, but I was sixteen the last time we entered a new decade and aside from it being the time amazing New Year’s Eve party glasses died, I didn’t care about much else. I had turned sixteen literally a few days before and saw that as way more important than the end of a decade and the start of a new one. Continue reading