October is almost done! Whoda thunk it?


When I was very little, before I could swim, my dad used to play a game with us in the pools at the hotels we’d stay at for vacations. We would hang on tight to the walls of the pool and move ourselves along the perimeter in the water while our dad stood behind us, ready to catch us in case one of us slipped in. Despite being in the water we weren’t swimming, just clinging to the edge of the pool and moving ourselves slowly by sliding our hands and pressing our feet against the walls and moving ourselves. We called it playing Spiderman after my sister and I had watched some of the old 60s cartoons and pretended we were climbing the walls like he was. Continue reading

I wish I could say I was writing about something poetic. I really do.


There were so many nice things I could write about for the theme of moonlight. I love how it streams into my bedroom when it’s full, how I can see everything in my room. I like how it can look blood red the night before a heat wave, orange and friendly for a harvest. I could have written about any of those things, but instead the only thought about moonlight that overpowers the others is about this vine. Continue reading

Another tricky one, but we’re almost done these prompts and then it’s NaNoWriMo! … Hooray?


Beatrice’s mother had taught her that when dealing with clients to always give direct eye contact. It was polite, she said, and under the right circumstance and with the right customer could show your control. She had watched her mother do it when she was little know, when she was a scrap of a thing colouring in the corner while clients came in and sat across from her mother at the hard oak desk she stare at them straight in the eyes and sometimes they’d look away, giving her mother all the power. Sometimes they’d meet her head on, but Beatrice’s mother still won one way or the other. She was an expert at eye contact. Continue reading

We are the Crystal Gems, except I’m not talking about Steven Universe today because I already talk about Steven Universe a lot.

When I went to the ROM last year we found the crystal room. Well it wasn’t just crystals, but gemstones, gold, pretty stones some that were finely cut and others that still looked like they’d been found in the dirt (though clean of course, this is the ROM after all). Continue reading

Talking boards are creepy, but what if they were also annoying? 


“Look, when I ordered a talking board this wasn’t what I meant.”

“Well sweets, tough luck.” The ouija board said, though not using the planchette as Layla had hoped but through a gaping hole in it’s centre that vaguely looked like a mouth. “I’m just as they described me on the website ‘Talking Board’ what did you expect?” Continue reading