Are these italicized intros intriguing or annoying? Only time will tell…

My life is a series of unfortunate events. I could elaborate on what exactly that means, even though I have on here in the past already. People close to me know these details, or at least some of them. When they hear my name people are immediately filled with pity, describing my family as “troopers” who are “so positive” with all the bad that’s happened. One of my talents is smiling, some of my co-workers who don’t know my history joked about calling me Smiley. The old ones who do just tell me I’m always smiling and laughing, that I always look so happy. Continue reading

Me actually being prepared again for this odd challenge? It’s more likely than you think!

The spell book looked like any other book in the back corner of Mr. Linden’s Library. It was old, dusting, and had been misshelved between a copy of Homer and A Tale of Two Cities, which had also been misshelved some time ago. Mr. Linden had grown older and wasn’t as organized a man as he had been in his youth. He had managed his own personal library for many years and hated to admit that it was getting too much for him now. No, instead he told himself he just needed an apprentice, like the olden days, a student to teach and molds so that they may one day create their own library for the masses, not take over his (no, that would never happen). Even he found himself forgetting where he shelved the books which was annoying to both him and his customers (but moreso Mr. Linden). So he put the “Apprentice Needed: Board Included” sign in the window and was done with it, let fate do what she may. Continue reading

Another quick post because to quote Gen-Zers “it be like that sometimes.”

People seem to equate a lot of Victorian things as creepy. Maybe it’s because it’s a long time ago and therefore (very) old, maybe it’s because it was the time of Gothic novels where the only way people could entertain themselves was by telling ghost stories themselves or watching someone get hanged. Either way, people love to make the Victoria era horrifying. Continue reading

Alright it’s past midnight but I’m counting this. It’s not that I didn’t care or didn’t put time in but some days are busier than others and today was one of those days, but it was a good one. So here’s a tiny post about why I like shapeshifters.

Quick post today but I think shapeshifters are pretty cool. They’ve been in our media a lot through the years, generally shown as uncanny things to be afraid of. Sometimes I think a version of a shapeshifter is the German doppelganger just in the sense of an identical other moving around the world the same as you. The shapeshifter of course is different because it isn’t just identical to one person but everyone and everything it interacts with. I think that’s why people have used shapeshifters as villains in stories, they can be anyone, hide anywhere, go undetected. Who wouldn’t be afraid of something you can never catch? Continue reading

I wrote a story on a creature I just learned about, check it out!

About a month ago I found a book in a magical little store called Monsters You Should KnowI was drawn by the spooky yet cute cover and learning about more mythical creatures from different cultures. I always loved reading Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and had long studied them as a hobby knowing a career would be foolish and embarrassing to my parents. Still, I continued to find out more and more about creatures around us that we’ve forgotten, that we can and cannot see. Continue reading

A weird theme for today but let’s talk about something elemental!

Unlike most children, Brenna loved baths. She was almost too eager when her parents told her it was time for one and almost impossible to get her out of the tub. Even when the water had turned cold and cloudy, when Brenna’s fingers had pruned she refused to get out of the water. Finally the three of them had made a compromise, a word Brenna didn’t like but that she’d started to learn was a word adults loved. If Brenna got out of the bath after half an hour she was allowed a snack before bed, if not then she got nothing, and while Brenna loved the water she loved her mom’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies just the tiniest bit more and begrudgingly agreed to the compromise. Continue reading

Want to hear the story of how I had an existential crisis in a cemetery as a child? Then keep on reading!

I’ve visited the cemetery up North where most of my family is buried for as long as I can remember. I couldn’t make sense of the history of it when I was young, the names, the dates, only that it was always hot when we went and that my mom would douse my sister and I in bug spray so we wouldn’t get bitten by black flies. Continue reading

Today’s prompt is apparition which is a fancy word for ghost, so let’s talk about them!

I’m afraid of ghosts. I am also afraid of saying I’m afraid of ghosts in case it makes the ghosts mad and begin to haunt me. But I am also afraid that if I say I’m not afraid of ghosts then that will piss them off and they will begin to haunt me. Continue reading

Banshee’s are a mythical figure in Irish tradition so it was nice to get to write about them and learn more about them too!

According to Irish tradition, banshee’s can only cry for five major Irish families: the O’Neill’s, the O’Brien’s, the O’Connor’s, the O’Grady’s, and the Kavanagh’s. Despite being of one of the five families I have never heard a banshee cry, though this might be because I’m Canadian and my family immigrated to Canada from around the potato famine time the connection may just be broken. Continue reading