Sarah O'Connor

Writer – Playwright – Cannot Save You From The Robot Apocalypse


 “On the Rocks” Prose Winner, Dawson City Authors On Eighth Writing Contest, August 11th 2022. Theme: Overflow.

“Carry On” Submission, Dawson City Authors On Eighth Writing Contest. Published on the Jack London Museum website. 2021.

“A Candle for Lucy” Honourable Mention, GritLit Literary Festival Flash Fiction Contest 2021. April 22 2021. Prompts: a box of matches, a stranger who looks familiar, and a line of dialogue “You (he/she/they) should have seen it coming.”

“What Happened to Natalie?” Honourable Mention, GritLit Literary Festival Short Story Contest 2020. February 3 2020.

“Jesse’s Room” Honourable Mention, Dawson City Authors On Eighth Writing Contest, August 15th 2019. Published in the Klondike Sun November 27th 2019.

“The Time Ghost” in Incite Magazine, Vol. 18: Issue 6, Theme: Zeitgeist, April 2016.

“Playing Make Believe” in Incite Magazine, Vol. 18: Issue 5, Theme: Human, February 2016.

“Running Out Of-“ in Incite Magazine, Vol. 18: Issue 4, Theme: Space. December 2015.

“Potter’s Field” in Incite Magazine, Vol. 18: Issue 3, Theme: Their/There/They’re, November 2015.

“Behind the Wall” in Incite Magazine, Vol. 18 Issue 2, Theme: Left, October 2015.

“Pink Sandals” in Incite Magazine, Vol. 18 Issue 1, Theme: Waves, September 2015.

“How to Disappear” in Incite Magazine, Vol. 17: Issue 6, Theme: Go, April 2015.

“Headed for Somewhere” in Incite Magazine, Vol. 17: Issue 4, Theme: Flight, December 2014.

“The Ways to Kill a Cat” in Incite Magazine, Vol. 17: Issue 3, Theme: Strange, November 2014.

“Marble Island” in Incite Magazine, Vol. 17: Issue 2, Theme: Islands, October 2014.

“Pinky Promise” in Incite Magazine, Vol. 17: Issue 1, Theme: Steps, September 2014.