Sarah O'Connor

Writer – Playwright – Cannot Save You From The Robot Apocalypse


“A Candle for Lucy” Honourable Mention, GritLit Literary Festival Flash Fiction Contest 2021. April 22 2021. Prompts: a box of matches, a stranger who looks familiar, and a line of dialogue “You (he/she/they) should have seen it coming.”

“What Happened to Natalie?” Honourable Mention, GritLit Literary Festival Short Story Contest 2020. February 3 2020.

“Jesse’s Room” Honourable Mention, Dawson City Authors On Eighth Writing Contest, August 15th 2019. Published in the Klondike Sun November 27th 2019.

“The Time Ghost” in Incite Magazine, Vol. 18: Issue 6, Theme: Zeitgeist, April 2016.

“Playing Make Believe” in Incite Magazine, Vol. 18: Issue 5, Theme: Human, February 2016.

“Running Out Of-“ in Incite Magazine, Vol. 18: Issue 4, Theme: Space. December 2015.

“Potter’s Field” in Incite Magazine, Vol. 18: Issue 3, Theme: Their/There/They’re, November 2015.

“Behind the Wall” in Incite Magazine, Vol. 18 Issue 2, Theme: Left, October 2015.

“Pink Sandals” in Incite Magazine, Vol. 18 Issue 1, Theme: Waves, September 2015.

“How to Disappear” in Incite Magazine, Vol. 17: Issue 6, Theme: Go, April 2015.

“Headed for Somewhere” in Incite Magazine, Vol. 17: Issue 4, Theme: Flight, December 2014.

“The Ways to Kill a Cat” in Incite Magazine, Vol. 17: Issue 3, Theme: Strange, November 2014.

“Marble Island” in Incite Magazine, Vol. 17: Issue 2, Theme: Islands, October 2014.

“Pinky Promise” in Incite Magazine, Vol. 17: Issue 1, Theme: Steps, September 2014.