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I don’t know what to write today. I’m tired and I’m not sure why because I didn’t do too much today, maybe all the rain from the past few days has drained me. Maybe it’s because my dad was hosting a book club and I helped and it was loud, or maybe because all this week seems like one thing after another and well, I’m an introvert. I love socializing with my friends, I love talking to people, but I think it was too much at once and it drained me. I need a few hours, or maybe a day, to let myself rest, recharge, and find some words.

But I can’t, not really. I’ve already written about not knowing what to write and I don’t want to be boring or repetitive, and because I promised I’d have a blog post every Monday and if I give an excuse today I’ll just find more and more times to give myself excuses (I know myself too well).

Instead, I’m going to write about what I’ve done the past few days. Like a diary or journal or what every new blogger in the early 2000’s did, when blogs were cool and not compulsory for careers.

Last week was pretty ordinary. I work a full-time job as an apple grader for a local apple farm. For those who don’t know what that is (because I didn’t when I got the job), it’s a job where I sort through a bin of apples and put them in bags, fancy (if they have little to no marks, are a good size, look like a pretty nice apple) and commercial (a few marks and scabbing, can be smaller) as well as sorting some aside for bulk (super fancy apples with no marks that are also large in size). If I find apples that don’t fit any of those categories (they have too many marks, are too small, just aren’t good enough) they’re put into a cider bin and pressed into cider. If I find rotten apples, they get put into a rot bucket.

It’s a hard job to describe to people, since most have never heard of it or know it exists. Even people at my work tell me they could never be an apple grader because of how boring it is, and I’ll admit, it’s monotonous. I grade two bins (that weigh, I believe, between 500-800 pounds) a day and am just looking at and sorting apples by myself (I have another worker with me during the busier times, like Thanksgiving, to ensure that the store is filled with apples) but I like it. I’m a person who can work either by myself or with a group of people, and I like having a job that keeps me focused. I know what I’m doing every day, and that can be nice too.

Monday night I went to see Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri with my sister and our friend. It definitely deserves the praise that the critics are giving it, and I think it has a big chance of winning Best Picture this year.

I had a double shift on Tuesday night, which is always hard because I work 8am – 4pm every day at the apple farm and then had to work at my other job at a sub shop from 5pm – 9:15pm. It’s only one shift a week though, so I don’t mind having one busy work day a week. It’s much different from the apple farm since I always work with someone which is nice, and though a lot of the same things have to be done each shift customers change and so does how busy it is. It’s a nice way to shake up my work week.

Wednesday a new episode of my sister and I’s web series Any Other Rosie came out, and I realized that there are only five more episodes left of it! It took three months to film and it’s already almost over. We aren’t getting as many views as our past web series, there’s talk on twitter among web series communities that not as many literary inspired web series (which is what Any Other Rosie is, based on William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet) watchers as their used to be, and creators are trying to figure out and predict what will happen to the genre. Even though low views are annoying though, my sister and I make the web series because they’re fun, not because we expect anything from it (though it would be a nice perk).

Thursday night my sister and I went to the mall so that she could buy a birthday present for one of her friends. I ended up buying jeans on sale for 40% off, which is great because all my jeans have holes in the thighs (damn you big thighs!). My sister and I went to visit our friend who works at the mall and ended up running into her right when she was ending her shift. We managed to talk and hang out for a bit before the mall closed which was nice. Sometimes with working all the time, I feel like I don’t see all the people I want to see, or it takes months and months to actually see them. I have to work on that. I was going to watch Riverdale when I got home, but I didn’t (this season SUCKS).

Friday night I drove my sister to a karaoke bar where her friend’s birthday party was. I stayed home and read Romeo and/or Juliet: A Chooseable Path Adventure by Ryan North and love/d it! I’ve never read a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story so it was an interesting experience. I got to a few endings, then went reversed some of my choices to get to a different ending. I was Juliet my first run through but now I think I’ll read as Romeo. But when do you know you finish a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book? Is it when you reach an ending you like? When you decide to stop? THIS ISN’T A NORMAL BOOK!

Saturday my sister and one of our friends took the GO Train to Toronto to visit our other friend who works in the Eaton’s Centre. We shopped at some stores and I bought some things for my cosplay for Toronto Comic Con (I’m going to be Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers.). We ate at Blaze pizza and then took the subway to the Scotiabank Theatre to see Black Panther. It was an amazing movie and I hope they make some sequel movies with it. We then walked back to Union Station and took the GO Bus home.

On Sunday I had rehearsal for my show, A Spell for Schoolgirls, in the HamilTEN Festival. It went really well and I love how everything is coming together, though I’m freaking out a bit because the countdown on the site says there are only 59 days left to the festival, which seems like a lot of time but I know it will tick down fast. Then my dad was hosting a book club that I helped him set up and take down. I queued up a post on my book review blog, and then I wrote this blog post (OH NO THE MYSTISICM IS RUINED! NONE OF THESE POSTS ARE ACTUALLY WRITTEN ON A MONDAY! But really, what did you expect? I work full-time during the weekdays; the weekends are the only real time I have to maintain this blog!).

And that was my week! This week I’d like to give myself more time to write, and read, it’s hard to motivate myself to do that sometimes, and to do it in front of friends. I wanted to write on the GO Bus up to Toronto but was afraid of being seen as rude or a loner so I didn’t. Still working on my schedule, who knew it could be so hard!

I don’t know how to end this, because this is just a catalogue of my week. I hope you liked seeing what “A Week in the Life of Sarah” is like. It’s pretty ordinary I guess, tiring all the same, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

(Cat pictured is my sister’s, Fiyero, and he’s pretty cool.)


4 thoughts on “What’s Going On?

  1. I’m looking forward to see how Any Other Rosie ends. Also, about the LIW viewers, this is just my personal opinion but I think it’s because a lot of the time, promotion isn’t really done well. For instance, the new webseries Nottingham, I had heard about it through twitter. But if it hadn’t been for Twitter, I wouldn’t have even heard about it. I think social media plays a big factor on LIW because that’s how most people hear about the shows. I support smaller webseries such as Maggie Hale’s Corner, your show, The Misstlewaite Archives, etc because I know that you guys put in the effort to create stories that mean a lot to you. Good Luck in your play. 🙂


    1. Thanks Lissette! I agree, social media has a lot to do with it, but even when promoting online it seems hard to get people interested. I think part of it might be that a lot of the same LIW of classic literature (Austen, Shakespeare, etc.) have been done and people want something new, which is hard because doing new or more recent books aren’t in copyright meaning the creators have no chance of making money. And thank you! I’ll post more about the play on here closer to the premiere date. 🙂


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