Sarah O'Connor

Writer – Playwright – Cannot Save You From The Robot Apocalypse

Well I’m not sure what to write today; because this is a post from the PAST (spooky music plays).

I made a queue the day before I left for holidays on my book blog and on this blog with blog posts to keep it active. Last week’s blog post was easy enough to write, I’d been thinking about it for a long time (and I LOVE Steven Universe) but this week’s was harder, mostly because at the time of writing this I haven’t finished (or even  started) it yet, though I will by the time it’s published.


Anyways, I come home from holidays tomorrow, and I could postpone this blog post to next week, but I promised you lovely seven readers a blog post every week and I’m not about to give up now!

I’ll definitely write another blog post for this week about my vacation, but the internet is never great up here, so just be patient!

So…I don’t know. I guess this is it for this week? Nice and short and to the Point (is there even a point?)? I know I’ll have a ton to write about once I get home, so just be patient until I get back. Maybe check out my book blog where I had some book reviews and posts all ready to be read. Or maybe look around my portfolio, read some of my old short stories, or watch some of my web series (cough cough self promo). It’s your blog today people!

But only until tomorrow. 😉

(Shrug emoji picture found here.)

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