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On Friday I went to a Harry Potter Pub Crawl with some friends, though pub crawl really isn’t the best way to describe it since it was more of a club crawl. Nonetheless it was fun so I decided to write about some highlights from the night!

The first stop was empty, a good place to start the night but if you’re looking for dancing and partying it wasn’t there. But they had food and drinks, and almost everyone there was wearing Harry Potter shirts and scarves so we knew we were at the right place. We went and met a couple other friends who got there before us beforewe decided to get a drink. We were heading to the bar when a very drunk Gryffindor becomes fixated on my lips. I bought a thirty dollar tube of teal lip stain for the night and she asked me where I got it (Sephora). I took out the tube and show her and she looked at it for a moment before grabbing my wrist and pushing me toward her a friend, a nerdy looking guy in a full Slytherin robe.

“Hi?” I said.

“Hi,” he answered, also confused.

I started walking backwards, toward the bar because I wanted a drink and out of this situation but the girl grabbed my wrists again and asked, “Be honest with me, do you want to hook up with my friend?”

Which is obviously not what I was expecting to hear and I don’t want to be rude to her or her friend but I also had no plans of hooking up with anyone that night, so I said, “I just got here, I don’t-”

And she whispered, “It’s okay. I wouldn’t want to hook up with him either.” And she laughs at that, then grabs my hair and asks, “Where did you get this?”

“My hair?”

And it goes on like that for a while, the drunk girl talking to each of us. She started calling me Lips later because she didn’t know my name but she liked the blue lipstick and I only found out hers by listening to what her friends called her. She was friendly, I’ve never met a drunk girl who wasn’t, but she’s also incredibly drunk. It’s only eight o’clock and this is the first stop on the pub crawl, I don’t think she’ll last the night.

My friends and I order our drinks and I get the Ravenclaw drink (of course) and it’s good, something blue with lemon and Sprite in it. The drunk girl then demanded we all do vodka shots with her which  I didn’t really want to do because they were expensive but oh well (I would have preferred she paid since it was her idea, does that make me a bad person?). We did the shots and the drunk girl didn’t look well after, the bartender asked someone to bring her outside but her friends brought her upstairs to the bathroom instead.

We didn’t see her the rest of the night. I assume she got home okay, that someone drove her home or called her a cab. I hope that she’s okay.

The next stop was a fifteen minute walk away and our group decided to do that instead of paying for a cab. And it wasn’t that bad a walk but the line was long outside of the club, but in front of us was a man dressed up like Dumbledore. He was older than your typical club goers, but he was obviously here more for Harry Potter than anything else. My friend and I got a picture with him and we asked him about his costume and he told us he’d made it himself. I talked to him in line for a few moments about sewing and told him how I was just starting, how I’d like to sew my own clothing someday and he gave me some pointers of where to go to find some patterns online (something called Blueprint apparently, I’ll have to look it up).

We were still waiting outside when a person in front of us holding a joint out towards us, “Pass it down,” they say and we all decline. I feel stupid for saying this but it’s the first time I’ve seen a joint in public (i.e. at all) and I needed to remind myself its legal now, but it was still weird to see someone so confidently smoking one outside, willing to pass it down like all those warning from high school. Unlike high school the people with the joint don’t pressure us to smoke it or pass it down (old scare tactics, also known as lies) and my friend and I talk about that for a while and Dumbledore told us he’d had pot brownies before, he’s a cool guy.

We finally get into the club, one I’ve been to with my friends before but it surprisingly isn’t as busy as expected despite the long line up, and the music isn’t as good as it usually is. Still, we get some drinks, dance some more, get some Harry Potter stickers (I got a Gryffindor one and gave it to my friend who traded me her Slytherin one, what I consider my secondary house) and decided to go to the next club, this one was only a five minute walk away.

The next club was one of my favourites, they played early 2000s songs and it was one of the busiest stops, probably because it was around 10:30 at that point, when clubs kind of start filling up. My friends and I got unicorn blood and Deathly Hallow shots and they were good, the unicorn blood was fruity and one I probably could have had more of if I had more money (why are things so expensive?).

We stayed at the third stop for a long time because the last stop was attached to the second stop (it makes sense if you know the places) and therefore only five minutes away, but the songs were so good we didn’t want to rush out. Eventually we had to force ourselves out because we wanted to make all four stops, and luckily when we reached the fourth/second stop we were allowed to skip the line because the bouncer recognized us from earlier.

And the end of the night was like how it had been earlier, lots of dancing, good music, and fun. But it felt different than a normal club night. I didn’t see as many creeps as I usually do (okay I saw one and it was weird and I guess not as creepy as a club night usually is. Basically this club has stripper poles and two girls were dancing on one of them and this guy who was most likely drunk kept throwing a five dollar bill at them. Not many, just one that the girls kept missing to catch and the guy kept trying to give them. So it was kind of a creepy and funny scenario.) and it was overall just a calmer atmosphere. I like going to club nights with my friends but at some point at the night they usually feel a bit dirty and sticky, like the spilled drinks you step in on the floor but that night didn’t feel like it. Maybe it was because it was such a nerd filled event, but it was fun throughout. I’m sure people were still just as drunk as a normal club night (the girl at the first stop definitely was) but it just felt nicer, like these people were just here to have fun in their Harry Potter costumes with some fellow fans.

And I hope it happens again.

(Picture is my own, Ravenclaw t-shirt is from Dart Frog Events.)



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