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Black cats are some of my favourite types of cats so I’m more than thrilled to get to write about my love for them today!

I don’t have a black cat, but it’s been one of my dreams to adopt one one day.

That’s not to say I haven’t had an opportunity, I’m pretty sure there were black cats when I adopted my other two cats. But I don’t adopt based on look, I wait until I feel a connection with the animals and adopt them because of the feelings I’ve trusted when seeing them. I know that sounds crazy and is in many ways nonsensical, but it’s been accurate so far.

I had that feeling once with a black cat. It was about a month or so after I adopted Cordelia and I was at the pet store buying litter liners or food or some cat related item when I passed by the area where the cats are up for adoption (I always check it out) and saw a small black kitten by herself playing with the adoption volunteer. I went in to pet her and found out the kitten was also named Sarah (after one of the witches in Hocus Pocus) and that she was the only one left because she was black.

Maybe it was that we shared a name and that I missed having a kitten, but a part of me did want to adopt little Sarah and knew I couldn’t. I had two cats at home, one who didn’t like my new cat and the other (Cordelia) still adjusting to a non-abusive home. I left without dwelling on it too long knowing that since she was a kitten she still had high hopes of getting adopted. When I checked the adoption site a few weeks later she wasn’t up their and I felt better.

I’ve heard black cats are usually the last adopted at shelters because of superstition and belief that their connected to the devil or evil, which let’s be frank is stupid. I also know that shelters generally won’t let black cats be adopted around Friday the 13th or Halloween because people will adopt them and sacrifice them or kill them because of their supposed evilness. And maybe that’s why I want them, to save them, to make sure they are loved and not hurt. Because I love animals so much and can’t understand why they are mistreated, why they can be judged so harshly just because of the colour of their fur.

I know one day I’ll get my black cat, I just have to be open to finding the right one. One day out paths will cross and it will be a lucky one.

(Inktober Prompt List found here. Image found here.)

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