Sarah O'Connor

Writer – Playwright – Cannot Save You From The Robot Apocalypse

Are these italicized intros intriguing or annoying? Only time will tell…

My life is a series of unfortunate events. I could elaborate on what exactly that means, even though I have on here in the past already. People close to me know these details, or at least some of them. When they hear my name people are immediately filled with pity, describing my family as “troopers” who are “so positive” with all the bad that’s happened. One of my talents is smiling, some of my co-workers who don’t know my history joked about calling me Smiley. The old ones who do just tell me I’m always smiling and laughing, that I always look so happy.

A smile does a lot of things.

My dad jokes that were cursed, as he has for many years now. My mom hated when he used to say it, told him to be positive, but she’s dead now and positivity is generally harder to find now. But I can find it sometimes, something I think I inherited from my mom, something I am happy for.

Since I was raised Catholic my dad elaborates on the curse saying we were given the Mark of Cain. To simply explain Cain was marked with a sign by God after killing his brother Abel and lying about it to God. God cursed him with a mark saying that if someone harmed him it would come back sevenfold.

I don’t know all about that, if curses are real or just fabricated. In fairy tales witches can cast curses, we curse everyday with colourful language, Shakespeare even has a curse written on his tombstone. I think some people are just lucky though, live lives with relatively little worry and woe, have little stress and few things on their mind. It must be nice to be weightless, to have a quiet mind, to not feel so heavy all the time.

Some people are blessed, but I was just born cursed.

(Inktober Prompt List found here. Image found here.)

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