Sarah O'Connor

Writer – Playwright – Cannot Save You From The Robot Apocalypse

I wish I could say I was writing about something poetic. I really do.


There were so many nice things I could write about for the theme of moonlight. I love how it streams into my bedroom when it’s full, how I can see everything in my room. I like how it can look blood red the night before a heat wave, orange and friendly for a harvest. I could have written about any of those things, but instead the only thought about moonlight that overpowers the others is about this vine.

I love this vine. Some may say too much and like most vines I can’t explain why. The simple humour in six seconds is award worthy. The use of Lana Del Ray’s Summertime Sadness with a chicken in the dark wearing a red dress, the pan to the moon, the music video we always desired. It’s so simple, so stupid, and it kills me with laughter every time I watch it.

When I get together with my friends we usually end up quoting vines to each other or watching vine compilations on YouTube together. We’ve seen them all by now, or at least most of them and just end up laughing all over again, quoting more, reminding each other of a vine and searching for that one and starting the process over.

So anyways that’s my short write up and a kind of ode to vines, and how when it comes to moonlight I’ll think of chickens in red dresses and Lana Del Ray.

(Inktober Prompt List found here. Image found here.)

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