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Hello all! It’s still November and that means it’s still NaNoWriMo and I thought, why not use today’s blog post to give an update on that?

I mean, it’s going pretty well, suspiciously well if I do say so myself. So far for my NaNo project I’m at 18,559 which is about a thousand words over what I should have per day and I’m pretty proud of that. Usually I’m scarping the words along, trying to make the 1667 words per day so it’s nice to be over as a safety net just in case (knock on wood). I’m still enjoying the story I’m writing though it’s definitely getting harder to right the more I go into it. The idea is there, I know what I want to happen though some parts are murkier than others, but I’m a pantser meaning I don’t plan I just go with the flow (which is terrifying and I hate/love it). I’m excited to go further and force myself to confront the more difficult parts of the story, but I’m also worried that I’ll hit a wall and that I won’t be able to go any further.

I’ve also realized that I think this story is going to be more than 50,000 words which is also exciting and terrifying because it’s nice to have a lot to work with, but it’s scary to know that when NaNoWriMo ends my story might not be finished.

Will I be able to keep writing after NaNoWriMo and finished this story? Maybe if I force myself into a hybrid version of it, a DecNoWriMo, which will be a lot of work but I know I want to finish this story. Or at least I do right now, while the words are coming, who knows what will happen if the words stop (knock on wood again).

But that’s just one of the challenges and I’m excited and terrified to see where it goes. It’s been a pretty good NaNo so far and with the mid-way point coming up I’m eager to see what the rest of the month has in store!

I haven’t gone to any other write-ins with my region group yet, to many shifts and too much writing at home (but at least I’m writing!) but I hope to get to another one soon. I managed to build up some vacation time to get a few days off this week and I hope to up my word count a little more in hopes that I might actually be able to finish this story by the end of November without burning myself out.

Also on a website note the new NaNo site is DEFINITELY buggy and I still don’t have my 7 Day Writing Badge even though I’ve written for (currently) eleven days straight. It’s a small and petty thing but the badges give me a stupid good feeling when I get them, and it’s disappointing that I can’t get a little virtual pat on the back for writing continuously for (hopefully) thirty days.

How’s NaNoWriMo going for you?

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