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I’m not going to pretend I understand how the internet works. Thinks get popular and then fade away into obscurity as our attention spans get shorter. I’m not bashing on anyone, I’m use the internet like most and have the same shortening attention span, the same spurts of obsessiveness that seems to define people now. I get it, I live it, but that doesn’t mean I understand any of it.

The reason I bring this up is that for some reason that I can’t understand one of my old blog posts has been getting viewed a lot. Alright, it isn’t viral standards (nor should it be) and it’s hardly a blip in what anyone would really consider an up in views but for this lonely blog with seven followers it’s weird, not that I’m not thrilled, I just don’t understand it.

Last October I decided to do a kind of play on Inktober, a monthly challenge some artists participate in during the month of October where they draw a different thing based on the daily prompt. I found a prompt list I like but since I don’t draw I decided to use it as a writing challenge and write little things (fictional and sometimes not) based on the one-word prompt. On Day 29 the prompt was Underwater, so I wrote about a time when I was younger and almost drowned. It got three likes which I was more than shocked and thrilled about, but since June (1st to be exact) the views have gone up, this month the post has gotten 60 views. To give a comparison, when this post was published last October it got 4 views during that month and then nothing for the rest of the year. Compared that to this year it got one view in January, 4 more in February, 7 in May, and 60 in June.

So you know, thanks to all of you who read about that time I almost drowned, but can I ask why? It just seems like such a random post to suddenly be getting read, but it is, and it isn’t even tagged?

I don’t understand the internet, I don’t think anyone ever will, but I think it’s funny how we tend to put things out there knowing there’s a chance people will look at it, maybe even hoping people will when few actually do. Until of course someone finds it again, somehow buried under everything else. Sinking below everything else on this blog, on the internet, until someone grabs it’s hand and brings it to the surface.

So thank you for reading about that time I almost drowned, I appreciate it even if I don’t understand it. Maybe you’ll read other things on here, maybe you’ll just read that and leave it to float. It’s the internet so I don’t understand how people happen upon random sites, but I hope you enjoyed this pit stop.

(And if anyone else wants to read about that time I almost drowned, you can do so here.)

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