Sarah O'Connor

Writer – Playwright – Cannot Save You From The Robot Apocalypse

I haven’t written a post on here that isn’t a book review or advertising a blog post on Sartorial Geek in a while, so let’s get back into it shall we! 

Honestly, there’s a lot I could write about. Since my last post I got my hair cut short and donated 14 inches of it for cancer (hair donations are harder to find but if you’re looking to donate hair for an organization where the patients get the wigs for free then try Wigs for Kids), went up north to cottage country and visited some relatives. It was relaxing as always but different in some ways. Being a rural area their COVID cases were very limited, only one person died in the area and while they also had a bylaw for wearing masks many people didn’t follow it and many businesses didn’t enforce it. It was just strange to see how other places are dealing with the pandemic and how different it is in some areas. Then when I got home I did a pretty drastic change: I dyed my hair teal.

Or green, or blue depending on who you ask but the colour on the package is “Sea Witch” and it’s Unicorn Hair by Lime Crime (naturally). It’s something I’d wanted to do for awhile, something I was always second guessing. I don’t really know why, perhaps I was just making myself anxious and overthinking, like usual. The permanency of dying my hair worried me, bleaching it and changing it forever. Well, not forever. Hair grows back, I can already see my brown roots growing in so permanent is still only temporary, but I love the colour and don’t regret that. There’s the attention, something I’m not very comfortable with but getting used to. Most of the attention with my hair has been positive, people liking the colour and complimenting it with my complexion (who knew teal could work with your complexion?), it’s only my neighbour really who’s said anything less than positive and he’s old and I expected that reaction anyways. And then there’s the fact that I’m twenty-six, soon to be twenty-seven, and I wondered if I was too old to dye my hair, if it would make people see me different, make me feel different, or make me seem unprofessional. This also wasn’t true, there are women in their eighties who dye their hair neon pink and bright purple, there’s no age to hair dye (okay, maybe a baby shouldn’t use bleach and dye in their little hair but you get what I mean) and my co-workers like it too which is nice. No one seems to see me different.

I don’t feel any different.

I really need to listen to my tarot cards and quiet my mind.

But otherwise that’s the biggest thing in my life so far, that and having issues motivating myself to write again, which isn’t new. I wish I knew why I get this way though, so full of doubt. I’ll never publish a book if I don’t sit down and actually finish it and that’s what I need to do, which of course is easier said than done.

But it will happen, I know it will. It’s one of those predetermined things set in stone. I will write a book, it will be published, I will be an author.

I just have to sit down and do it already.

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