Sarah O'Connor

Writer – Playwright – Cannot Save You From The Robot Apocalypse

Well it’s been a hot minute hasn’t it? Not that I want to “vaguebook” or anything but to keep it short and sweet (and vague) some stuff happened and I was in a not so good place. I’m slowly but surely getting out of that and am trying to get back into this whole blogging thing.

It’s honestly weird to me that I’ve neglected it for this long. Not just with the lack of posts but even checking it, I used to at least check this blog daily but I completely stopped that. And I know that it’s technically just been over a month since I’ve last posted but it feels a lot longer, which is just a long way of me saying I’m sorry for disappearing and I’m happy I’m back.

But what have I been up to in the meantime?

A whole heck of a lot apparently. Much like last year’s Inktober Challenge where I wrote a blog post a day (fiction/non-fiction/script/you name it) this year I’m writing a story based on another Inktober challenge. You can check it out on my Instagram, I still only vaguely know how it’s going to end (how many times can I used vaguely in this blog post?).

And also, THEATRE SHALL LIVE AGAIN, or at least momentarily. Emerson Arts is hosting a Fright Night theatre festival in my city and a shortened version of my play The End of July is in it! It’s a walk around, mask wearing event and it was so atmospheric and creepy. I adored this adaption of theatre in the time of COVID and loved getting to see my show on stage (or rather in the secret location, you can know where if you buy a ticket), The actors in the festival did amazing and the actors in my show were fabulous, as were the creators of the event.

Otherwise that’s all I’ve been up too, what’s new with you seven people who follow this blog?

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