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Well would you look at that, it’s another post! Not regular yet but it’s here and that must count for something, right?

So let’s give some updates, shall we? I finished NaNoWriMo WAY ahead with 68,853 words which I’m super proud of and just goes to show that the Stephen King “write ten pages a day” method really does pay off. I’ve been putting off this story for quite sometime and though it’s still in incredibly rough shape I’m happy to have gotten some version of the story out of me. Now it’s just sitting in my inbox waiting for me to return to it, which I’m planning to do in January.

Back on the Stephen King method, I’ve kind of stopped doing that for this month, at least temporarily. I always put a lot of pressure on myself during NaNoWriMo and don’t want to force myself into a burnout, so even though I’ve started a new project I’ve given myself permission to take it slow. On the one hand this is great but on the other it makes me feel panicky, like I’m not doing enough. Oh the life of a Capricorn!

Another new project I’m working on is a short story advent calendar on my Instagram where I post a part of the story everyday from December 1st – December 24th. You can start checking it out here but I think I’ll make a list here for when you can click to a particular day to read it easier, in theory anyways.

Anyways that’s all I have to say, hopefully I have more updates soon!

The Christmas Party










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DAY 11

DAY 12

DAY 13

DAY 14

DAY 15

DAY 16

DAY 17

DAY 18

DAY 19

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DAY 24

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