Sarah O'Connor

Writer – Playwright – Cannot Save You From The Robot Apocalypse

Last year I entered Dawson’s City 2021 Authors on Eighth Contest. I didn’t win, which wasn’t shocking. I remember the story was a bit of rambling, me trying to process how quickly everything was reopening, my fears and disappointments and trying to understand what normal looked like now versus what it was, if I could ever go back to the normal of before. There were too many thoughts and none of them concise, it didn’t deserve to win, let alone be published.

But apparently they decided to publish it on their website anyways!

I think the Authors on Eighth contest people like to showcase the different entries regardless of who’ve won, it used to just be published in the Klondike Sun but it appears (at least since last year) they’re making a move to post the stories digitally online, so here’s mine! It’s called “Carry On” and it isn’t great, but these guys published it so I might as well share it here.

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