Sarah O'Connor

Writer – Playwright – Cannot Save You From The Robot Apocalypse

You read that title right, my short story “On the Rocks” won in Dawson City’s Authors on Eighth Prose category!

I found this out way way (way) back in August when Visit Dawson City’s Instagram posted this photo from the Authors on Eighth Walking Tour with my name (then misspelled, now spelled correctly). I hadn’t gotten an official email, and being superstitious and unlucky decided to message and email them to confirm that I was the prose winner.


After a bit of waiting and back and forth it was confirmed that I was the prose winner and that I would be sent a gold nugget as a prize and that my story would be published on the Jack London Museum website and (at some point) in the Klondike Sun.

And that (website) publication is today! You can read my story “On the Rocks” here!

Also, pictures of the gold nugget and the envelope it came in because I’m a proud and sentimental person.


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