Sarah O'Connor

Writer – Playwright – Cannot Save You From The Robot Apocalypse

I received this book from The Next Best Book Club in exchange for an honest review.

“Your past is chiseled into the earth; your future is written in the air. Your time alive was precious because it was limited,” (Stickle 13, “Modern Ghosts”).

I’ve never read or reviewed a chapbook before, so this should be fun! At forty-one pages, Everything’s Changing is chalk full of truly surreal stories that I was obsessed with. Since many of the stories were very short, I won’t give each one my individual thoughts because they all deserve to be read, loved, and appreciated the way I did to them.

From ghosts to reddit posts (a very believably written AITA post may I add, despite what happens at the dinner party), to a plague of peacocks, George Bailey-esque declarations of love, and a reverence to fungi, Everything’s Changing has a strange something that will appeal to any reader. The charm is in the surrealness of these stories, how the bizarre that happens in these stories acts to represent something else, something that’s tender, something personal that will hit at the core of reader’s and make them feel seen. Something special. Each story was a joy to read so I could see what Stickle was conveying and how she was doing it.

Everything’s Changing is a lovely chapbook with short, strange, and memorable stories that anyone would be lucky to read. I can’t wait to read more of her work!

everythings-changing-coverPublication: January 23rd 2023
Publisher: Thirty West Publishing
Pages: 41 pages (PDF)
Source: Owned (Thanks TNBBC!)
Genre: Fiction, Short Stories, Chapbook
My Rating: ⛤⛤⛤⛤

Everything’s changing in towns across the U.S. What we think we know is wrong. Animals have gone wild. Myths and fairytales are upended. Women’s bodies are growing weapon appendages. Nothing is certain anymore. The stories we tell ourselves are shifting. Everything’s Changing is full of everyday magic, transformations, chaos, and coming to terms with the world as it is and how we want it to be.

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