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The first episode on my short-lived podcast was all about Barb Holland, so it only made sense to make her my first post for What Girls Do. I don’t know what it was about Barb Holland, but I like oh so many Stranger Things viewers fell in love with her.

It should go without saying, but I will be spoiling Stranger Things and Barb’s fate in this post, so if you’ve somehow avoided both in the seven years that it’s been out then kudos to you, but that time ends now.

Who was Barb Holland?

Barbara “Barb” Holland was born either on September 13 1967 (Stranger Things wikia) or September 20 1966 (The Book of Barb, Nadia Bailey) in Hawkins, Indiana to Marsha Holland and an unnamed father. She was childhood friends with Robin Buckley, and the two girls would often imagine exploring the world outside of Hawkins, but in the sixth grade Barb became friends with popular girl Nancy Wheeler and drifted from Robin (Stranger Things wikia, Rebel Robin).

In high school in 1983, Barb was cautious of Nancy’s new boyfriend, the popular Steve Harrington, but she remained loyal to Nancy and drove her to Steve’s house for a party. Out of her element, Barb gave in to peer-pressure and ended up cutting her hand as she attempted to shotgun a beer (Stranger Things wikia). Later in the night, Barb confronts Nancy about how she doesn’t like who Nancy is when she’s with Steve. Nancy disregards Barb’s concern and tells her to go home as Nancy goes upstairs to Steve’s room. Alone, Barb goes out to the now empty pool and sits on the end of the diving board when some of her blood drips into the pool which attracts the attention of the Demogorgon. The Demogorgon brings Barb to the Upside Down where she is killed, her last words asking Nancy for help that go unheard.

Read more about Barb and why we love her on my Substack!

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