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Sometimes, you have prior knowledge about weird saints (especially canine ones), other times strange saints come to you. Such is the case of Saint Margaret who I learned about from my sister’s teenage not-Catholic co-worker. This one’s for you!

Who was Saint Margaret?

There are a lot of Saint Margaret’s, though only one that I know of who was swallowed by a dragon. This Saint Margaret is often referred to as St. Margaret of Antioch or Saint Marina the Great Martyr (Wikipedia).

It’s hard to say when Margaret was born, she didn’t seem to be worshipped until the eighth century (Madonna Magdalene Muse), though Wikipedia lists her birth as c.289 (Wikipedia). Margaret (or Margarita or Marina depending on the version you’re reading) was born to a pagan priest Aedesius. She was nursed and raised by a Christian woman “fifteen stades away from Antioch” and by the time she was fifteen embraced Christianity, “had committed her virginity to God,” and was disowned by her father (Madonna Magdalene Muse).

Read more about Saint Guinefort on my Substack!

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