Sarah O'Connor

Writer – Playwright – Cannot Save You From The Robot Apocalypse

I didn’t know what this book was about going in. The back of the book featured only a quote from another author praising Newborn, and another on Goodreads sharing a quote from the book. So I put together that there was a creek, that something was discovered there in a Stephen King coming of age way. So I went in blind, and I think you should do.

“The dead don’t walk,” (Kingfisher 113). Retired soldier Alex Easton has received a letter from their childhood friend Madeline Usher saying that she is dying. Alex heads to the imposing old house of Usher and finds horrid smelling mushrooms on the grounds, strange hares that disturb the people around the land, and an oddly glowing lake. …

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“Here’s the problem with horror movies: Everyone knows what’s coming next but actions have momentum, every decision an equal and justified reaction. Just because you know you should, doesn’t mean that you can, stop,” (Khaw 109). A group of five friends travel to Japan for a wedding in a long abandoned Heian-era mansion. The mansion is …

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