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Surprise!!! I found this out way back in January but have kept it secret for so long, but my short play Dead Serious won Rad[io] Shorts Scriptwriting contest and has been performed and posted on Spotify! Listen to it below, and check out these talented actors! Thanks to Kyle Billie and the amazing cast for giving literal …

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The first episode of What Girls Do Podcast is here and in honour of Stranger Things season 3 I talk about a character who will never be forgotten, the one and only Barb Holland!

Time to improvise! Sarah hosts this week’s episode and makes her, Jenna, and Meaghan make up a story together! What could possibly go wrong?

I’ve talked about dead women a few times on this blog, usually in relation to dead mothers, a trope I’ve become a lot more aware of since my mom died. When I wrote about the dead mom’s trope I counted seventeen different T.V. shows and movies that have characters with dead moms or use the …

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What do pirates and witches and queens all have in common? You’ll have to listen to our newest episode hosted by Meaghan to find out! When Meaghan’s hosting you never know what you’ll be discussing!

Episode 2 is here! This week Jenna planned and hosted a strange and surprise game that ended up being hilarious! Which twin will win in this Ultimate Quidditch Match? Listen to find out!

Episode 1 is here folks! We wanted to introduce you to us with a fun game of Two Truths and a Lie, who do you think will win?

So here comes a small change that maybe doesn’t warrant a blog post, but here it is. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking with this blog, and all my other blogs. I try to post on each of them regularly but it just doesn’t happen and I know it sounds stupid, but running a …

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My dad likes to listen to A.M. radio, one station in particular that plays all the old songs from the 60s and 70s that rarely come on anymore. On the weekends they’ll play a half hour of Leonard Cohen, followed by a half hour of Tony Bennett, and ending with a half hour of The …

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