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It’s been a hot minute, but I have a new post on Sartorial Geek! It’s about Turning Red, girl-centered coming-of-age narratives, and why we need more of them. Read all about it here!

It’s almost the end of January but I have a new article on Sartorial Geek! Why is it important that I mention it’s almost the end of January? Because my article has to do with New Year’s Resolutions and despite what you may think it’s not too late to figure that out, especially if you’re …

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Another new article of mine is up on Sartorial Geek! With the release of Midnight Sun I’ve got vampires on the brain and wanted to share some of my favourite vampire books that aren’t Twilight and Dracula. You can read the article here. What are your favourite vampire books?

Hi everyone, I recently became a contributor for Sartorial Geek and my first piece is up on their website! Of course it’s about Twilight, with the announcement of the upcoming publication of Midnight Sun what else would I write about? It’s made me very nostalgic and it’s reminded me of how much comfort those books gave me. …

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