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I’m not sure what to write again this week so let’s have another exciting round of “What’s Going On?”!

On Monday my sister and I went shopping with one of our friends when she finished work. It was a fun time to catch-up, and do a ton of shopping. I bought a lot more than I planned too, but it was on sale (the stores have to get rid of their summer stuff while it’s still summer for some reason) and everything I bought is very cute so it was definitely worth it. I also finished reading Surfacing by Margaret Atwood and while it was a very good book (and INCREDIBLY Canadian) it was very strange near the end. It’s one of those books I wished I’d studied in university so that I could discuss it and understand it better.

On Tuesday I played another Ultimate Frisbee game (YAY DISCOLICIOUS!) but we lost very very badly (15-1…). It was just one of those games where you play your hardest and you just can’t win, but I love the team I’m on and even losing can be fun with them.

Wednesday was a pretty uneventful day, I did some errands, started reading Sorority by Genevieve Sly Crane, and continued binge-watching Jane the Virgin (Michael just died and I’m very sad about it okay! Even though I know some spoilers. :”( ). I also did the stairs in the evening, I slacked a lot last week with working out and need to force myself to really get out there and do it.

On Thursday my sister, her boyfriend, and I went to our friend’s house for a Game Night. We ordered too much pizza, but I always think too much pizza is better than not enough. We played a few different games including one about making the best/worst superhero (I forget what it’s called), a game about creating memes, Unstable Unicorns (which was a lot of fun), and Punderdome which is all about creating puns. I have a ton of board games and keep collecting more than I need too, but I’m lucky to have a group of people who seem to like board games just as much as I do!

On Friday I went to the mall again with my sister and her boyfriend, they needed to buy an outfit for a wedding and some luggage for when they go to England so I just wandered around the mall until they were done. And of course I ended up buying MORE things. Urban Behaviour, that store that Buzzfeed always uses in their gift lists, just opened up and I wanted to check it out for myself. The clothing is definitely made for people smaller than myself, but I did manage to find a pair of overalls that fit me, and they have an AMAZING home decor section filled with a ton of unicorn things and I bought a UNICORN PIGGY BANK! I’ve wanted a piggy bank for so long but was waiting to find the perfect one and I finally have it!

Saturday was a big day because it was my friend’s birthday! Okay not really, but it was her party and I was excited for it all week! Earlier that week one of our mutual friends messaged my sister and I to plan a photo booth for the party and we managed to get all the props and things needed for a photo booth (hence the image featured with this blog post). My sister and I got giant numbered balloons for the party and it was STRESSFUL driving with them in the car (it’s obvious the balloons are huge, but you don’t really know how huge until they’re floating in the backseat of your car and blocking the rear view window), I had to force my sister into the backseat to hold them down and later gave the job to my sister’s boyfriend when we picked him up. Our friend loved the balloons and photo booth and we took many silly pictures, the food was amazing, the people, and as usual with this group of people it was a night I’ll never forget (highlights include a girls 90’s dance party in the kitchen).

Sunday was spent recuperating, sleeping in, eating hash browns, and cleaning up the little that was left to clean up (thank to my friend’s dad for that!). Then it was driving my sister’s boyfriend home, driving home ourselves and sleeping and showering before work. My sister and I rarely work together so it was nice to get to do so!

And that was another “What’s Going On?”. Whenever I start writing these things I always think I haven’t done a lot, that I’m not busy enough. But every time I’m surprised with how much I have to write down and all the people I spend my time with, and how lucky I am to have them in my life.

(Photo taken by Graciela at a photo booth.)


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