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Time for another round of What’s Going On? blog reading people!

Monday was a holiday so I was able to relax. I cleaned my study, my room, and didn’t do much of anything until the evening. My sister had seen the movie The BlacKkKlansman with her boyfriend when they went to London, England near the end of August. So we went to see that in the evening, and for whatever reason Cineplex had a deal with their Scene Points for this week so we both got free tickets with discounted points which is always a plus. And the movie was really good! It’s the first Spike Lee film I’ve seen but I’m interested to check out some more now.

On Tuesday I worked, back at the apple farm after being laid off for four months. I was recalled the week before, and it was nice to see my co-workers again, I missed them a lot. So now I’m grading apples again as all the new varieties are picked for the Fall, and with the cold weather we’ve gotten this weekend the need for apples will only increase. It keeps me busy. I’m looking at my planner right now, trying to figure out what else I did on Tuesday but I don’t have anything else written down. I worked.

Wednesday means more work at the farm, it’s a full-time job so I work their Monday to Friday with Saturday and Sunday off (though everyone gets Sunday off). But Wednesday I worked twice, which I always hate but seems unavoidable. I worked at the farm 8am-4pm, and then the sub shop 5pm-9:15pm giving me an hour, really less, between shifts to eat, sit, and get dressed and go again. I did manage to start a new library book though, The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren James, and loved it. So I worked twice and basically collapsed into bed when I got home.

On Thursday I worked again, grading more apples on the farm. In the evening I have my first Ultimate Frisbee game for the Fall league. I started playing in the summer and loved it for the exercise, the people, and because it got me doing something I wouldn’t usually do. I’m not a good player, but I’m trying, and that maybe counts for something. We lost 26-11 which is actually good for our team and then I went to Dairy Queen after with my sister, our friend, and a couple other teammates because I was craving a Blizzard (THEY HAVE A PUMPKIN PIE ONE FOR THIS MONTH!!!). Then I went home, and read more of my book.

More work on Friday, and according to my planner not much else. I went home and slept for a bit after work, and then my sister and I went for shawarma for dinner. I finished my book, and the rest of the night I queued up posts for my book blog and finally watched To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before on Netflix (it was good!).

Saturday was a big day because my sister and I had friends over. We’d been planning it for the past few months, trying to find some time for all of us to hang together and go out for the night. September was the earliest time that worked (YAY ADULTHOOD) and my sister and I hosted because our dad was away for the weekend, and it’s fun to host. It was my sister’s boyfriend and our two friends, and it was a blast as it always is. We made pizza, had some drinks, went to a club. They’re some of my favourite people in the world who make every moment memorable, and that night was no different.

Sunday was clean up and lunch at Book Burger, always enjoyable. My dad came back from Niagara Falls and bought my sister and I a ton of chocolate from the Hershey’s store, and I somehow didn’t manage to eat it all! Then the rest of the day was sleeping off the day before, subs for dinner, and figuring out what I was going to write this week before deciding on another What’s Going On?.

And that was my week! Pretty ordinary, kind of dull, with lots of work, basically what a normal adult week looks like. But it’s mine, and I wouldn’t change it or the people who make every day exciting!

What’s going on with you?


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