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A weird little ramble about why I love lime soda. Enjoy!

Today’s post is easy, I like lime soda because it always makes me feel like I’m drinking a magic potion.

It’s not the taste that does it, I doubt magic potions would be citrusy and carbonated but I’m not exactly a connoisseur on the so who am I to say? It’s the colour, plain and simple. The green of the soda reminds me of the potions doomed heroes and heroines would drink in Disney movies, something poisonous and infecting. At the same time they remind me of the things that villains would drink, something that transformed and brought power, didn’t heal per se but changed and adapted whoever drank from it.
I don’t imagine myself being poisoned when I drink lime soda, nor do I imagine myself being transformed into some evil thing to be defeated. I do like to imagine it’s something that makes me powerful, that sparks something inside, some potion I’ve brewed to heal and make things better, to create.

It’s childish, maybe even crazy. It’s not like I take it seriously or anything though, just a fun little thought. A few days back I was at work and a group of kids started playing with some puppets and blocks they found nearby. They created a whole game in a matter of seconds, could see themselves in a different place and turn blocks and puppets into different animals and food with just their words. They were so completely lost in their game, could slip into it so easily and effortlessly and I wondered when I stopped being able to do that.

I wonder if artists do that in their different spheres. If actors, artists, writers, all of them have access to that wide imagination. I wonder if I do a version of that while writing, if some childish part of me still exists, or maybe I’ve just never fully closed off the part of my mind that creates.
And I hope I never will.

(Inktober Prompt List found here. Image found here.)

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