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A short little review for a cute little book. The Little Book of Witchcraft is a lovely introduction into the world of witchcraft for beginners or anyone who has ever been curious about the beliefs of witchcraft.

Carvel’s book gives a brief history on witchcraft, giving glimpses into the European witch hunts, the Salem Witch Trials, as well as looking at materials needed for spells. The Little Book of Witchcraft gives readers a beginners understanding to crystals and what power and help they can bring mentally as well as talking about the chakras and healing.

The biggest problem with Carvel’s book is that it is so brief. I’d love a little bit more information and depth into the content. I just found myself wanting to learn more, so I’m happy Carvel provides a list of resources for readers who want to continue to learn more about witchcraft. I understand the shortness of the book though, because The Little Book of Witchcraft is really just an introduction to the craft. It gives readers a small taste into this spirituality and provides options for further learning if that’s a path reader’s are interested in taking.

The Little Book of Witchcraft is a perfect read for anyone curious about witchcraft who is interested in the very basics. It’s a beautifully designed and illustrated book that even if readers choose to abandon learning about witchcraft will still make a pretty place on their bookshelves.

tlbowPublication: June 8th 2020
Publisher: HarperAvenue
Pages: 160 pages (Hardcover)
Source: The Witch’s Fix
Genre: Nonfiction, Spirituality
My Rating: ⛤⛤⛤⛤

“Are you in need of a little magic to entice love into your life?
Maybe someone you know could benefit from a good luck spell?
Or perhaps you want to feel more in control of your destiny?
The Little Book of Witchcraft uncovers the mysteries of witchcraft and shows you how to tap into the positive natural energies of the cosmos to release your inner power. Learn about different realms of witchcraft and its fascinating history, its symbolism and the building blocks of Wicca, and how to perform simple spells to attract good energy, luck, love, health and happiness

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