Sarah O'Connor

Writer – Playwright – Cannot Save You From The Robot Apocalypse

On March 9th 2018 I wandered around a newly opened Petsmart that my friend worked at because she said they had a bunch of cats there. I had had to put my first cat Tamsin down the May before because of a genetic disorder that was killing her and though I knew I wanted to …

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I don’t know what to write again, which happens from time to time, but I’m not ready to skip a week of blog posts yet. So that means the only thing to do is to have another “A Week in the Life of Sarah” posts, or more simply a new “What’s Going On?” update.

(This was a hard blog post to write. I thought, after almost a year, I’d be better but it’s still hard, will always be hard I think. I cried a few times, had to stop even more, but I got all the words out eventually. Maybe not as coherently as I’d like, but they’re here, …

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