Sarah O'Connor

Writer – Playwright – Cannot Save You From The Robot Apocalypse

Well there was a time where I would post one of these every couple of months because I couldn’t think of anything to write about, so I’m at least happy that I’ve found other topics to keep this blog more interesting than the boring things I’ve been up to. But alas, I couldn’t think of …

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Normally if I was writing one of my usual “I have nothing to write” posts I’d tell you about my week, as I’ve done twice now. But my weeks aren’t as exciting as they used to be, not since I’ve been laid off. At least then I was guaranteed to be busy for eight hours …

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I don’t know what to write again, which happens from time to time, but I’m not ready to skip a week of blog posts yet. So that means the only thing to do is to have another “A Week in the Life of Sarah” posts, or more simply a new “What’s Going On?” update.