Sarah O'Connor

Writer – Playwright – Cannot Save You From The Robot Apocalypse

“Are you making the same thing I am?” the woman asked me at Fabricland six-feet away. I was still getting used to the distance, to projecting; to reminding myself that I wasn’t being rude talking to someone from a distance. “No, I want to make some scrunchies.” I told the woman while holding two packs …

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Well there was a time where I would post one of these every couple of months because I couldn’t think of anything to write about, so I’m at least happy that I’ve found other topics to keep this blog more interesting than the boring things I’ve been up to. But alas, I couldn’t think of …

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I got a sewing machine for Christmas and with that a resolution for myself: that I would sew something new each month to make sure I used it and got better at sewing.