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Well there was a time where I would post one of these every couple of months because I couldn’t think of anything to write about, so I’m at least happy that I’ve found other topics to keep this blog more interesting than the boring things I’ve been up to. But alas, I couldn’t think of what to write today, so here’s what I did last week!

Monday was Canada Day, but a surprisingly chill one. One of my friends had a party on the Sunday so that people could enjoy the holiday and not have to worry about going to work the next day tired (and possibly hungover…). I drove my sister to work (she was not so lucky to get a day off) and tried to finish The Science of Orphan Black by Casey Griffin and Nina Nesseth which I did, just not on Monday. I then noticed my cat Cordelia was agitated and twitchy for no reason. She’s an anxious cat but in the past nearly two years since I’ve adopted her she’s gotten better; I’d never seen her this upset. When I went to her I saw a massive bald spot on her back, to the skin and started panicking. Her fur knots easily and she’d starting tearing them out with her teeth. Since my first cat Tamsin had to be put down a few years back unexpectedly because of a deadly genetic condition I get very worried when my cats are sick. I worried about Cordelia the rest of the night.

On Tuesday I did more errands, I have time now because I was surprisingly laid off again for the summer as of the week before. I drove my sister to her back appointment, she has a herniated and bulging disc and has been having appointments to correct it as much as possible, and last week was the last week of appointments. We found out there’s a Coffee Culture nearby and went there after her appointment to relax until I forgot about rush hour traffic and got caught up in it. Then I had an Ultimate Frisbee game on the other side of the city and it was a long game in the humidity, which turned to a downpour of rain, but we won so that’s really all that matters.

On Wednesday I took my car in. For the past few months the lock on the driver’s side door hasn’t been letting my car key open the door so I’ve had to use the buttons, and I haven’t been able to take it in because of work, but now I had time to get it fixed (perks of being laid off?). It took five hours to do, which seems long to me, and when I went over the bill which I’d told was under warranty they tried to make me pay for it until I reminded them and made me check the status of the warranty, and in the end I didn’t have to pay. When I got home my sister found that Cordelia had thrown up on her dresser, my little calico’s favourite spot to look outside. She was missing more fur and I called the vet and she saw her immediately that evening. They did a blood test and nothing came up weird so they figured she was just upset with her matted fur so they suggested I bring her in the next day to be sedated and get a lion cut (as can be seen in the picture for this post). I was happy that the problem was as simple as a haircut and got her ready for the next day.

On Thursday I woke up early and brought Cordelia to the vet for her haircut and then went to a town nearby for a short orientation for a shift. I may have been laid off from one of my jobs, but I managed to pick up some more hours from my new job which is helpful. I learned how the building runs and got ready for my first shift later in the week. I then went to pick up Cordelia and brought her home and admired her cute little lion cut. She was disoriented for a bit from the sedation but once it wore off she was running around the house, purring, and being super affectionate. She let us pet her back which she’d never let us do and I was shocked that her fur had been causing her so much problems and so happy she was happy. She’s the happiest I’ve ever seen her!

On Friday I started a new book called The Lonely and the Lost by Jennifer Lynn Barnes and signed up for two sewing classes for August: a pouch class so I can learn how to sew zippers onto thinks and a tank top class so I can finally learn how to sew clothes. In the evening my sister and I met a friend to get take out for dinner and then go watch the third season of Stranger Things. While we waited for our food to be ready my sister and I walked along the street where the second season of The Umbrella Academy is being filmed. My sister thought she saw one of the actors and we followed like creeps for a bit, but whoever it was was too fast for us (I thought it was too good to be true, she still thinks otherwise). We then took a long detour back to my friend’s place because of highway construction and started watching Stranger Things. We only watched four episodes, but they were amazing ones and it was hard to stop just after four.

On Saturday my sister and I went to see another friend we hadn’t seen in a while. We got pizza and caught up and then went to see the movie Yesterday which is about an aspiring musician involved in a weird car accident involving a power outage and when he wakes up The Beatles have never existed so he decides to pass their songs off as his own. It wasn’t a bad movie but we all agreed that we expected more from it; also we were weirdly one of the youngest ones in the theatre. When we got out of the movie it was pouring rain and the short walk/run back to the car left us soaking and cold, but didn’t make the day any less fun.

On Sunday I started work at a new library branch for my other job and loved it! It was busy and my co-workers were awesome and helpful and I’m excited to work more here! In the evening I picked my sister up from work and we went to our friend’s house again to watch two more episodes of Stranger Things. It was even harder not to finish the season that night but we promised to meet up the next day to do it.

And that was my week! Again, not super interesting but I manage to keep busy anyhow. Here’s hoping this week keeps me just as occupied and that I have something more interesting to write for next week!


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