Sarah O'Connor

Writer – Playwright – Cannot Save You From The Robot Apocalypse

Many months ago (okay, it was January, but it seems like longer than that right?) I joked that last weekend was going to be the “weekend of Sarah.” I rarely put attention on myself, but last weekend was supposed to be the HamilTEN Festival when The End of July was supposed to premiere as well as a small kick-off for the GritLit Festival where I was going to read an excerpt of my story What Happened to Natalie? in front of people. Hence the weekend nickname, which I was very excited for. Both events were happening at the same venue which I thought was an amazing coincidence and I was excited to have such a busy artistic weekend.

Obviously, the Coronavirus changed that and for good reason. But it’s still disappointing, events being cancelled that you were excited about, another collective feeling we share. But I didn’t want to mull over it and feel bad all weekend (though it was how I ended up feeling at the end of the weekend, I guess some things can’t be helped). So to celebrate HamilTEN I did a livestream on the Stuck in a Story Productions Instagram with my sister and another one of our actors who has been in our past productions and I also did a video of myself doing a reading of What Happened to Natalie? which I posted on IGTV. Here are links to both!


Instagram Livestream Part 1: A Spell for Schoolgirls

Instagram Livestream Part 2: Beep


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