Sarah O'Connor

Writer – Playwright – Cannot Save You From The Robot Apocalypse

A very exciting and hard to believe update, but my short story “A Guided Meditation for the End” has made the gritLIT 2023 Writing Contest Shortlist! Thank you so much gritLIT for this amazing honour!

Wow, more fun announcements, look at me go! Anyone remember 2020? It sure was one heck of a year. Well, at the beginning of that year (before everything else happened) I found out my story “What Happened to Natalie?” was an honourable mention for gritLIT’s 2020 Writing Contest! It was very exciting because 1) I …

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Many months ago (okay, it was January, but it seems like longer than that right?) I joked that last weekend was going to be the “weekend of Sarah.” I rarely put attention on myself, but last weekend was supposed to be the HamilTEN Festival when The End of July was supposed to premiere as well as a …

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I am so excited to get to share this information with you… MY SHORT STORY “What Happened to Natalie?” WAS AN HONOURABLE MENTION FOR THE 2020 GRITLIT LITERARY FESTIVAL SHORT STORY CONTEST!

I found out some very exciting news a few weeks back but was waiting for more information before announcing it on here.