Sarah O'Connor

Writer – Playwright – Cannot Save You From The Robot Apocalypse

Wow, more fun announcements, look at me go!

Anyone remember 2020? It sure was one heck of a year. Well, at the beginning of that year (before everything else happened) I found out my story “What Happened to Natalie?” was an honourable mention for gritLIT’s 2020 Writing Contest! It was very exciting because 1) I was an honourable mention and got $150 for it and 2) I was supposed to do a LitLIVE reading as part of the festival.

313132151_659321592467514_6225782587580977897_nThat obviously didn’t happen…UNTIL NOW!

After sending a gentle reminder and question email to gritLIT, myself and other contest winner Shelly Kawaja will be reading our works on Zoom as part of the 2022 Fall Program of gritLIT. I am beyond excited for this opportunity and can’t wait to read my work!

The event is free, but if you’re interested in reserving a spot for the reading you can do so here.

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