Sarah O'Connor

Writer – Playwright – Cannot Save You From The Robot Apocalypse

Many months ago (okay, it was January, but it seems like longer than that right?) I joked that last weekend was going to be the “weekend of Sarah.” I rarely put attention on myself, but last weekend was supposed to be the HamilTEN Festival when The End of July was supposed to premiere as well as a …

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This weekend was the HamilTEN Festival in my city. It’s a festival I’ve talked about a bit on here because my ten minute play A Spell for Schoolgirls was accepted into it and I was super pumped/anxious for it. Well, this past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were our show days, it came and went so quickly, and …

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I realized today that since I promised to write a weekly blog post, I unwittingly promised to write fifty-two (technically fifty-three, you got two posts the first week of January you lucky ducks) blog posts.